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Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Floors

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For many
buyers, there’s nothing better than vinyl sheet flooring in the home. Vinyl
flooring provides a fantastic aesthetic backed by strong durability and a long
lifespan, plus the ability to customize virtually any pattern you desire to match your room’s look. It’s also a breeze to clean and
maintain, with waterproof qualities that really help in many situations. Here
are the few basic areas you’ll need to know about cleaning when it comes to
vinyl floors.

Removing Stains

Another big positive
of vinyl is the fact that it’s stain-resistant in its natural state. This means
that the vast majority of spills and stains will be easy to wipe up with no
issues, using nothing more than a clean cloth. All we recommend here is turning
the cloth regularly – this helps actually clean the stain rather than spreading
it into other areas. When you’re done, just rinse the area with clean water and
then allow it to air dry.

Avoiding Discoloration

If you
regularly care for your vinyl floors, there will never be any need to
“re-shine” them or anything of the sort – they’ll simply maintain their shiny
look. Basic care here includes regularly sweeping the floor, plus if you want
to be even more careful, keeping doormats at all your home entrances and asking
people to take their shoes off when they come inside. That’s really all it
takes to keep vinyl floors looking and feeling great.

Can You Steam?

While other
flooring types might respond fairly well to a steam mop, we don’t recommend it
for vinyl. The steam and water combination used here can sometimes damage the
vinyl and planks in the floor, which in turn will lead to warping and bending
of the floor. As we noted above, however, it’s extremely rare that a step like
this would even be necessary – and if you ever do need a little more cleaning
power, simply use a manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution.

For more on
cleaning vinyl floors, or to learn about any of our other flooring products,
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