Keeping Laminate Flooring in Great Condition

Over the last several years, a flooring style known as laminate flooring has been

growing in popularity in North America. First popularized in Europe a couple
decades ago, laminate flooring can be installed over any substrate, has a
simple installation process, and doesn’t come with any major maintenance

At Wade’s Carpet & Interiors, we have a full range of laminate options among our
flooring products. While maintenance for these floors is indeed very low, you
still have to do some basic regular cleaning and take a few simple steps to
ensure the floor isn’t damaged once it’s installed. Here are some areas to know

Preventing Damage

For starters, you should take a few very basic precautions to ensure no unnecessary
damage takes place on your laminate flooring. Never walk on this kind of floor
in shoes with spikes, such as athletic cleats, and try to avoid any sharp heels
wherever possible as well. In addition, use doormats at all your entrances to
keep elements like sand, dirt and others from creating
scratches on the floor.

Another big area here: Product usage. We’ll go over some simple cleaning methods for
laminate floors below – they mean you never need to use heavy soap,
detergent-based cleaners, wax-based products, a steam cleaner or any kind of
polish on laminate floors. These won’t help with cleaning and can permanently
damage the material.

General Washing Techniques

When it comes to standard cleaning for laminate floors, things are about as easy as you
could ask for. All you need is a simple dust mop or a damp standard mop to pick
up dust or any other dirt. We also recommend vacuuming and sweeping daily, or
as close to daily as possible.

Some Extra Shine

If you’re looking for a bit of shine to come back to your laminate floors, here’s a good
trick: Get some simple vinegar, and mix a solution that’s three parts water and
one part vinegar. Put this solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the areas
of the laminate that you want to bring some shine out in, then simply clean it
with a damp cloth or a mop. Dry it once you’re done, and see how shiny your
floors have become. This method is generally safe for all laminate flooring
options, but it’s always worth asking your installer beforehand just to be

For more on keeping laminate floors in great condition, or to learn about any of our
flooring products for sale, speak to the staff at Wade’s Carpet & Interiorstoday.

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