Considerations for High-Traffic Carpet Areas

Of all the flooring products out there, carpet is one of the most versatile due to its variety of patterns, its softness, and the visual elements it brings to a given room.It has various fibers or textures to fit any space, including some of the

highest-traffic areas in a given home or building.

At Wade’s Carpet & Interiors, our selection of flooring products for sale includes several different carpet variations. We can also help you with basic cleaning and care, which are particularly important areas for ensuring a long lifespan for your carpet. Here are some considerations we recommend all carpet owners make in their busiest walking areas.

Consider Space Before Installation

Before you choose a particular carpet type and have it installed, take some time to think about how you plan to use the space you’re installing it in. If you determine the area will see high traffic – particularly traffic from people still wearing shoes – you’ll want a durable carpet type that can withstand this. On the flip
side, if you’re installing carpet in an area where limited foot and shoe traffic will be taking place, you might have a few additional options.

Preventing Fraying

Once you’ve chosen a good carpet type, one of the priorities in high-traffic areas is preventing it from fraying. There are several potential causes of carpet fraying, from bad installation to heavy foot traffic, pet damage and other areas.

This is where good installation and maintenance comes into play. If you’ve had carpeting installed by another company and have begun to notice it fraying or lifting up from the ground, call our pros about completing a better installation to limit this from happening.

Soil Damage

Another form of damage that can take place in high-traffic areas is soil damage. Dry soil generally has sharp edges, and these can reflect light strangely and also act abrasively to carpet fibers. You can prevent this kind of thing with standard cleaning, but also through shoe removal and other tactics that will limit the spread of soil into the house.

Pet Considerations

If your home has pets in it, we recommend a carpet type that has nylon fibers. Nylon is the most durable fiber, and also is great at resisting stains – two very important areas for pet owners. It can also be treated with static and soil resistant elements that make it easier to clean and maintain than some other types.

Proper Maintenance

Finally, caring for carpets that see a lot of activity comes down to regular diligence – and to the right tools being used. Some vacuums, for instance, have bristles
that are too sharp or aggressive for your carpet fibers, and may fray or fuzz them when used. If you have lighter carpet fibers, be sure to use a vacuum with an adjustable beater bar that allows for varying bristle ranges.

This same theme applies to cleaning chemicals, some of which may leave a residue that attracts soil. Make sure you follow manufacturer guidelines for any products and tools used on the carpet.

For more on considerations for high-traffic carpet areas, or to learn about any of our flooring products, speak to the staff at Wade’s Carpet & Interiors today.

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